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Seven Days In May

Watch this extremely powerful film concerning a seditious coup d’état by the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff before it disappears down the Orwellian Memory Hole. It has never been more timely or important to see.

Seven Days in May is a 1964 American political thriller motion picture about a military-political cabal’s planned takeover of the United States government in reaction to the president’s negotiation of a disarmament treaty with the Soviet Union. President John F. Kennedy had read the novel, Seven Days in May, shortly after its publication and believed the scenario as described could actually occur in the United States. According to John Frankenheimer in his director’s commentary, production of the film received encouragement and assistance from Kennedy through White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, who conveyed to Frankenheimer Kennedy’s firm wish that the film be produced. JFK would arrange to be visiting Hyannis Port for a weekend when the film needed to shoot outside the White House.

The Pentagon did not want the film made for they were at war with the president.

Unfortunately Kennedy was right.  He did not live to see the completed movie.

The coup d’état by the top echelon of the deep state occurred on Friday, November 22, 1963, with the brutal murder of JFK and the insidious cover-up of these events has continued for over five decades.

President Donald Trump should make it his top priority this weekend to view it.

1:00 am on July 21, 2018

Rand Paul on Stopping the Crazed John Brennan

Tells Trump and Sessions to pull Brennan, Clapper, and Rice’s top-secret security clearances. (Why wasn’t this done long ago?)

2:25 pm on July 20, 2018

When the US Invaded Russia

Today, in what the great Gore Vidal called “the United States of Amnesia,” with all the frenetically hostile rhetoric and hysterical bombast concerning the recent Trump-Putin Summit, not many persons (especially these ill-informed belligerent critics) know about the history of when the United States invaded Russia. These are facts seared in the memory of the Russian people. Watch this episode of the excellent PBS series, The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, a KCET/BBC co-operation in association with the Imperial War Museum, 1996, as it describes the aftermath of World War I. Pay particular attention to the segment, “Intervention,” (beginning at 15:00), which describes the US invasion of Russia, as told through the eyes of an American soldier, Sergeant Silver Parrish.

1:55 pm on July 20, 2018

Alternative Math

8:10 pm on July 19, 2018

Should the American Secret Police Be Dumped Into the Same Historical Dustbin . . .

. . . as the KGB, the Stasi, Gestapo, SS, and others?  Ann Coulter thinks so.

7:29 pm on July 19, 2018

Tucker Carlson Scorches the U.S. “Intelligence” Establishment

One among many good points made in this almost-7 minute thrashing:

The people yelling the loudest about how the Russians are our greatest enemy and Trump is [a Russian] puppet happen to be the very same people who have been mismanaging our foreign policy for the past two decades…These are the people who have made America weaker, and poorer, and sadder. The group whose failures got Trump elected in the first place. You would think by this late date they would be discredited completely and unemployable, wearing uniforms and picking up trash by the side of a turnpike somewhere. But no, they’re not. They’re hosting cable news shows, they’re holding high positions of influence at the State Department. They run virtually every non-profit public policy institution in Washington. They are still, in some sense, in charge of our national conversation. And naturally they hate the idea of rethinking and correcting any of the countless blunders they have made over the years.

And some of them have shows and are paid contributors on Tucker’s network.  Well, we’ll take what we can at this point. 🙂

4:54 pm on July 19, 2018

New Poll: What If Russophobes Held A Rally And No One Came?

12:38 pm on July 19, 2018

The Strangelove Factor

Eric Margolis’ incisive article, Russia’s New Monster Weapon, begins by discussing the classic 1964 Cold War seriocomic satire Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, which parodied the development of a Soviet doomsday weapon in reference to Russia’s contemporary development of a new doomsday nuclear torpedo in preparation for Cold War II.

Codenamed by NATO ‘Kanyon,’  it’s reportedly something new and terrifying, a ‘third strike’ weapon designed to obliterate the US east and west coasts in a nuclear war. US intelligence seems to think this doomsday weapon is very real indeed.

This is an ironic throwback to the height of the earlier deadly confrontation between the Soviets and NATO, when the scientists of the Soviet military industrial complex had developed a super bomb (the Ivan) which equaled 50 million tons of TNT or 2500 times more powerful than Little Boy, the atomic bomb which leveled Hiroshima. But more ominously they had plans for the development of an even greater nuclear destructive device, a doomsday weapon which would have totally destroyed the entire world in the event of a nuclear war. Dr. Strangelove was not a satire but a documentary.

The development of ‘Kanyon’ must be seen in stark geopolitical context to the earlier development of Ivan and their ultimate doomsday weapon.

And the hysterical and maniacal necrophiliac idiots attacking the Trump-Putin Summit are driving the world to the brink of nuclear Armageddon.

View the video documentary above for the chilling, shocking details.

1:03 am on July 19, 2018


According to a new poll, “Only 28 percent of young voters say they will certainly vote in the 2018 midterms.” Voting is overrated. I like Doug Casey’s top five reasons for not voting.

9:37 pm on July 18, 2018

“Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut; Sometimes You Don’t”

Jacob Hornberger offers an amusing look at the Conspiracy Humor and

Irony in the Trump-Russia Brouhaha.  The establishment tries to play it

both ways.

4:00 pm on July 18, 2018

‘Russiagate’ – Attack On Our Values Or Power Of War Propaganda?

12:49 pm on July 18, 2018

See Something, Say Something, Do Nothing

Leviathan is a critter of many talents, chief among them mass-murder, pathological lying, and kleptomania. The beast is also unparalleled at wasting resources—but only ours since it has none of its own.

To wit, various bureaucracies have frittered away countless billions of our taxes on that obnoxious order to “See Something, Say Something.” (New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority “has spent $2 million to $3 million a year” from 2002 until at least 2011, by which time it had also  “licensed the tagline to ‘54 domestic and international transportation providers and government agencies for use in their own anti-terrorism campaigns.’” I did not find a cumulative sum for what Amerikan governments at all levels have squandered on this propaganda. And good gracious, I recently passed an elementary school with “S.S.,S.S.” [oh, such an appropriate abbreviation!] on its marquee. I’m not a mother, but aren’t kids natural tattletales? I should think any parent trying to cure Little Lyle and Small Sarah of that vice would deeply resent the school’s efforts to the contrary.)

So after lavishing all that money and the last 17 years on recruiting us as snitches, what does the State do when a volunteer approaches it with valuable intel that could save the ol’ Homeland? Nothing:

When a lone man pulled up in a rental truck behind her at the Albany[, NY] airport terminal and got out, Capital Region resident Laura Bradigan became suspicious.

She was there to pick up a cousin, but in the post-9/11 era of “See Something, Say Something,” when the man began asking people if he could borrow their cell phones, Bradigan alerted authorities.

…she rushed to a Transportation Security Administration agent standing nearby. What happened next is in dispute.

“I said, ‘I’m really concerned,'” Bradigan said she told him. The driver, she recalled, appeared to be of “Middle Eastern” descent.

She said the agent responded, “I’m on break.”

When she repeated her concern, she said, he told her, “Did you hear me? I said, ‘I’m on break.'”

Love it! And doesn’t the harping about his break send this right over the top? Thank God for bureaucrats’ sloth, apathy, and ineptitude, or we’d all land in the poky, courtesy of Alert Citizens such as the fearless Ms. Bradigan.

Eventually, after more hemming and hawing, the TSA’s goon found a cop—despite their pretensions, the Thieves and Sexual Assailants have no authority to arrest, so they’re useless should a non-blue-gloved terrorist ever set foot in an airport (so highly unlikely it’s nigh impossible)—but by that time, “the man had got back in the truck and driven away.

Naturally, the TSA had its “We did everything we should have, and by the book, too” boilerplate ready, and with its usual eloquence, too:

“We were made aware of the suspicious activity report made by a citizen to one the TSA Officers assigned to Albany International Airport,” said Bart Johnson, the federal security director at the airport. “The matter was reported to law enforcement according to our established protocols and law enforcement handled it.

By the way, Fearless Bradigan is a classic example of why amateur snitching not only doesn’t work but clogs the State’s machinery. So I say bring more of it on! You go, Fearless!

7:29 am on July 18, 2018

What a Disgrace

An American president yukking it up and hobnobbing with a Russian dictator.

4:48 pm on July 17, 2018

The Latest from the All-Loving, All-Peaceful “Love Trumps Hate” Crowd

A depiction of someone slitting President Trump’s throat at a Portland, Oregon “art” gallery.

4:31 pm on July 17, 2018

Stephen Cohen on the Hysterical Reaction to the Trump-Putin Summit

Cohen asks an interesting question:

Why do these people [in D.C.] dislike Putin, the president of post-communist Russia, more than they ever seemed to have disliked the communist leaders? It’s more about us, Tucker, than it’s about them and this is really dangerous, not permitting the President of the United States to keep us safe.

It astounds me how Tucker Carlson still has a job after letting these views get out to millions. Bill K has called for his head, and those calls will only grow.

2:46 pm on July 17, 2018

Trump-Putin Fallout: Bipartisan Hysteria Against Peace

12:49 pm on July 17, 2018

Yes, Now We Know

Pre-Helsinki, Hillary Clinton asked Trump “Do you know which team you play for?” Post-Helsinki, her answer is “Well, now we know”.

The linked article takes that to allude to Trump’s stance on Russian interference in the 2016 election. Russian interference has been made into a tempest in a teapot, blown up out of all proportion by anti-Trump forces and by Clinton’s refusal to accept her own role in producing her electoral defeat.

Trump knows that his campaign didn’t “collude” with Putin or Putin agents, that he didn’t collude, and that whatever hacking occurred had no known, measurable, probable, likely or significant impact on the election outcome. The making up of American minds and the casting of votes were influenced by many factors. James Comey had a measurable impact. A Russian state effort to sway votes toward Trump has not been established factually, much less showing that such an effort, if it existed, had anything but an infinitesimal impact on votes cast.

The team that Trump is playing for is America and Americans, as he has consistently stated for years. At the Helsinki press conference, Trump re-iterated his stance: “As president, I will always put [first] what is best for America and what is best for the American people.” Clinton’s team is the national security state, a different thing altogether than the American people. Yes, now we know again what we knew before when Clinton identified a large portion of the American people as “deplorables” and when she took such pleasure at the murder of Gaddafi that she had brought about. Her team is not the American people.

Trump has critics who are left-wing and right-wing. On the right is McCain, who is an überhawk. On the left are people with absurd ideas like Janai Nelson and Jill Wine-Banks.

Ms. Nelson thinks that it is “absolutely insane to think that he [Trump] can make a lifetime appointment to one of the most significant and important institutions in our democracy [Supreme Court] in this moment when his entire authority is really suspect.” She’s a lawyer, and yet she’s ready to throw away the Constitution and an election result that back up Trump’s authority, because she places greater weight on suspicions that have no known merit. She values control over an actual Supreme Court appointment more highly than the democratic procedures employed to place an appointee in office. Ms. Nelson’s attitude belies her talk of “our democracy” and its “important institutions”. She does not really hold them or the Constitution in high regard or in higher regard than expediency. In fairness, she’s not alone. The same has been true of Congress, the Executive and Supreme Court judges, or we could not have arrived at this stage of government size, scope and power.

Then we have Ms. Wine-Banks. Her statement is incredible, yet it tells us how far anti-Trump leftists have departed from reality. She said that in 2016 “…we were burglarized, this time, by foreign agents. And it’s just as serious to me as the Cuban Missile Crisis, in terms of an attack, or the 9/11 attack. The president [at Helsinki] is taking the side of the people who attacked us instead of trying to prevent a future attack. He has done nothing to make sure that the elections four months away [November, 2018] are going to be safe. And I would say that his performance today will live in infamy as much as the Pearl Harbor attack or Kristallnacht.”

In this case, Ms. Wine-Banks elevates suspicions of foreign election influence into realities, and in her mind these have become major realities, literally the stealing of the 2016 election — a burglary. And she tells us that this has grown in her mind to be as serious a matter as the 9/11 attack. This is an amazing revelation of her own madness. This is despite evidence of any impact that this “burglary” took place, or who instigated it; or if it did take place, the effect that this “burglary” had on votes or the election outcome. And for obvious reasons, she ignores the far more important role of Comey and the FBI. Then she accuses Trump’s press conference of being at the same level of infamy as Pearl Harbor or Kristallnacht. Were Trump’s comments really that wicked?

The comments of Ms. Wine-Banks are irrational. A good deal of anti-Trump rhetoric is of this caliber.

10:28 am on July 17, 2018

The Nattering Nabobs of Neocon Nonsense

A.k.a. the shrieking left-wing monkeys known as lying media scum, are losing it completely over President Trumps attempt to avoid Cold War II. David Stockman explains.

10:04 am on July 17, 2018

Chasm Between Media and Reality

Media have generally been enemies of peace and liberty, supporting the U.S. attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and lauding U.S. intervention in places like Ukraine and Syria. Their pro-war stance continues with their attacks on the pro-peace moves of Donald Trump. They did their best to torpedo and question every move Trump made to make peace with North Korea. This morning’s headlines on Google News are more of the same concerning the Putin-Trump meeting at Helsinki: Trump Caved Spectacularly to Putin (CNN); Stephen Colbert Wants To Know What Putin Has on Trump (HuffPost); Trump just colluded with Russia. Openly (The Washington Post); Trump Sides with Russia against FBI at Helsinki summit (BBC News).

Let’s understand. Helsinki was a meeting to establish a basis for cooperation on common interests of the Russian and American governments and to remove unnecessary frictions that impede such cooperation. No big deals or compromises or concessions occurred. The removal of needless antagonism is not a concession. Emphasizing steps to peace doesn’t abandon or endanger American values or democracy. Recognizing Putin as the leader of a major nuclear power and huge country with its interests and place in the world moves us away from a unipolar mentality. This recognizes the reality of other peoples and powers, and reality has to be faced if it is to be reshaped to mutual advantage. Neither side made concessions. Putin and Trump chopped away at clearing a path; a great deal more work is required. Trump didn’t cave, much less spectacularly. Putin didn’t cave either. Neither man won while the other lost. Both succeeded by the meeting itself in creating something beneficial to both Americans and Russians, which is mitigating antagonisms.

Major media are opening a huge chasm between their rhetoric and reality. No wonder Trump keeps attacking their fake news and slanderous accusations. Putin has nothing “on” Trump. Trump is not a Russian agent. Trump is not “colluding” with Russia to bring down our form of government or hand America over to Russia.

These wild stories are attempts to forestall the Trump revolution, which in its own way seeks to undo decades of bipartisan laws and regulations that are choking America’s arteries.

The country cannot survive and prosper by embracing destructive philosophies from any source, including the current administration, by erecting privileges, by destroying liberties, creating a police state, effacing history, generating hatreds, devising false rights, and undermining understanding of essential truths.

The country limits its progress without reason if it publicizes, heeds and accords respect and leadership roles to people proposing inane ideas and making wild charges, as is the case with the headlines characterizing the Helsinki summit as a defeat for Trump and victory for Putin.

7:15 am on July 17, 2018

Nominate a Hero

At Sonny’s BBQ. Active duty military or veterans preferred. “Random Acts of BBQ recognizes those in the community who make a difference, and no one deserves the honor more than those who serve our country. Nominate a veteran or active duty military hero in your life for a surprise BBQ feast.” Oh, and on August 6, Sonny’s will be “honoring active duty military and veterans for all that they do with a free pork sandwich.”

The question of the day is this: Why do businesses feel that they have to continually honor the military?

9:20 pm on July 16, 2018

Putin-Trump Summit Advances the Cause of Peace

The Putin-Trump (alphabetical order) summit advances the cause of peace. Peace is a libertarian fundamental, which is why Trump must be applauded here for having gone to Helsinki to meet Putin.

Trump’s pro-peace agenda doesn’t dissolve the U.S. empire. It re-orders it. Trump is scaling back the empire’s most ambitious expansionary aims, its quest for unilateral dominance, and questioning its cold-war commitments to NATO. Trump wants peace, but the national security state wants ever-present fear of enemies, because such fear is the lifeblood of its denizens. Consequently, national security supporters have joined the leftist chorus in attacking Trump without mercy and continuously. Trump has withstood incessant attacks and charges that he’s soft on Russia and Putin.

Seldom does political evil bare itself so openly. Take Senator Schumer, for example. He’s quoted saying “Millions of Americans will continue to wonder if the only possible explanation for this dangerous behavior is the possibility that President Putin holds damaging information over President Trump.” Here he defames and slanders Trump by attribution to “millions of Americans”. He doesn’t have the guts to make the charge himself, but makes it through the back door. Schumer reveals here how disreputable he is.

The attacks on Trump have been outrageous. This continues. There is absolutely nothing in Trump’s press conference with Putin that warrants John Brennan, former CIA chief, accusing Trump of “treasonous” behavior or saying that Trump’s comments were “imbecilic” or saying that Trump “is wholly in the pocket of Putin”.

Senator John McCain’s perceptions are equally extreme and flawed. McCain sees Putin as a tyrant, which he is not. He illogically thinks that meeting with Putin to look for common ground somehow blesses and approves of every action of Putin that McCain disapproves of. Brennan and McCain make no reasoned case against Trump’s effort to raise the level of cooperation. They simply hurl wild charges and characterizations, with no grounding in facts and completely ignoring the context and realities.

Trump deserves praise for moving forward with a peace agenda while being bombarded constantly by media and critics, left and right. Trump’s guiding philosophy explains his capacity to withstand the attacks. He wants to pursue peace and he wants to do the foreign policy job that he has set out to do:

“As president, I cannot make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics, or the media, or Democrats who want to do nothing but resist and obstruct.

“Constructive dialogue between the United States and Russia affords the opportunity to open new pathways toward peace and stability in our world.

“I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics.”

What alternative vision do his critics offer? McCain spells it out. American presidents, McCain says, must be the champions of liberty, at home and abroad, as a sacred responsibility. Americans must battle enemies of liberty abroad, a battle that will go on indefinitely until the entire world has achieved this liberty. Peace and peaceful co-existence are not part of this revolutionary quest, which McCain elevates into a religion. Neither are self-determination of peoples or recognition of the variety of forms of government and liberty. For McCain and others with his philosophy, it is not enough that Americans mind their own business and tend to their own problems. It is not enough to deal with others as they are. It is not enough to make peace and live in peace. Americans have a calling to spread liberty and “democracy”, even if it means continual warfare against continual enemies of liberty, or so-designated.

How can something as attractive as liberty be twisted into something as evil as continual war? By asserting that Americans cannot be free while any other people is unfree. This assumption is meant to explain why we must battle liberty’s enemies abroad; but this assumption is false. We could be a (relatively) free people while the USSR was not. South Korea can be free while North Korea is not. West Germany could be free while East Germany was not. America can be free while Great Britain is not. Taipei could be free while Red China was not. Freedom is a function mainly of what the government and laws of a given country are, not of the laws, customs and governments of other countries in the world.

McCain’s philosophy is erroneous. We need only battle enemies of our liberty, here and abroad, when such defense is warranted. To preserve our liberty, we do not need to carry on a continual struggle over all places, times and peoples whom we think have imperfect liberty.

Trump’s effort to reconcile with Russia are a welcome step toward peace and away from the attempt to convert the world.

8:23 pm on July 16, 2018

Anderson “CIA” Cooper Throws a Hissy Fit

Over President Trump’s attempt to create more peaceful relations with Russia by calling his press conference with Putin “disgraceful.”  What else should we expect from CNN/CIA television?  He did not use any such term to describe how Hillary orchestrated the public lynching and mutilation of Gadaffi and then laughed her ass off about it while saying “we came, we saw, he died! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee, hee.”

2:22 pm on July 16, 2018

Trump-Putin Summit Success: Neocons Furious!

12:31 pm on July 16, 2018

Strzok and Rosenstein Obstruct

Strzok, citing an FBI policy rule, refused to answer a question put to him by Rep. Gowdy. Rodenstein already risks a contempt citation for refusing to provide Congress with requested documents.

In terms of line of command, Trump is the boss of Strzok and Rodenstein, who work for the Department of Justice. Trump could instruct their immediate boss (Sessions) to order them to comply with the Congressional requests. Trump’s enforcement sanction is to fire anyone who refuses to obey his order. Trump isn’t doing this, at least not yet, for political and other reasons. He doesn’t want to be accused of obstructing justice. He’s leaving the matter to Congress.

Anyway, Congress, not the President, is the more basic boss over the departments that it has created and funds through taxes. Neither Strzok nor Rosenstein has a leg to stand on in obstructing the Congressional investigation. They cannot cite FBI procedures as grounds for refusing to respond to Congress’s request for operational information from them or their offices, because Congress is their creator, paymaster and boss. Congress has powers to enforce its subpoenas, including criminal penalties.

The obstruction of Strzok and Rosenstein is an example of deep state obstruction via the bureaucratic control over access to critical information that surrounds decisions that the deep state personnel make. It’s their quasi-monopoly over this information that gives them power. It’s costly for Congress to be micro-managing their decisions, which is why they have independent monopoly power so much of the time and in so many decisions. But when push comes to shove, as it is in this instance, Congress has all the power it needs to open up the files, disk drives, e-mails and decisions of the FBI or even the CIA, if it has a mind to.

Do Americans want their republic to be in the hands of the Strzoks, Rosensteins, Comeys, Brennans and Clappers? Egad! Is this the U.S. government?! Look at these men! They’re self-righteous. They consider themselves as masters, patriots, and protectors of us all; but they are merely mortals with swollen heads, limited visions and personal peculiarities that in no way justify their powers. The government is in their hands because the people have handed it to them by supporting the creation of their departments by their duly-elected Congresses. They did not just happen or achieve their positions by their own ambitions. It was the people’s demand for more government interference and power over the lives of themselves that has brought about the deep state rule over Americans. Replacing Strzok and his ilk by new faces will not change anything fundamental. Their departments have to be decimated and dismantled.

10:20 am on July 15, 2018

All Governments are Corrupt and Unjust

And, the more power and money governments have the more corruption and injustice there will be.  I was reminded of this ancient truth when a rather naive friend asked what I thought of a local newspaper article about how the city government sold a piece of property that was assessed at $15 million to a politically-connected real estate developer for $1 million.  The friend is a socialist from Scotland and, like all socialists, he is mentally incapable of conceiving that government is anything but god-like, saintly, and the potential savior of all humanity instead of what it really is — just another criminal gang, only a very, very big one.  And also like all socialists, the friend is mentally incapable of understanding (or accepting) the simplest of economic truths, such as the notion that on the free market people do not throw their money away like this, but in government politicians throw other peoples’ money away (while stealing a healthy share for themselves) day in and day out.

3:11 pm on July 13, 2018

An “Exceptional American”

The late, great Murray Rothbard.

8:50 am on July 13, 2018

Legalized Groping: Court Grants TSA The Right To Assault You

12:42 pm on July 12, 2018

On JFK Secrecy, Brett Kavanaugh Sides With The CIA

Jefferson Morley observes: On JFK Secrecy, Brett Kavanaugh Sides With The CIA. So far as a defender of the deep state status quo he fails my national security litmus test as a nominee for the Supreme Court.

12:49 pm on July 11, 2018

Trump Hammers NATO. Good! Let’s Get Out!

12:44 pm on July 11, 2018

Trump Is Seeding War Clouds Over Iran

Trump and Pompeo are squeezing Iran where it hurts. They are trying to prevent Iran from selling oil internationally. They are applying maximum pressure upon Iran. This is overt. It is announced policy. For example, the State Department says

“Very broadly, Saudi Arabia is a key partner in our effort to isolate and pressure Iran. And as I said, we had a number of bureaus from the State Department to discuss energy, diplomacy, security, and economic pressure. We were also joined by Treasury Under Secretary Sigal Mandelker for some of these meetings so that they can hear from Treasury officials and coordinate our efforts on applying maximum economic pressure on Iran.”

The U.S. is threatening China and India if they buy Iranian oil:

“On Tuesday a senior State Department official described tightening the noose on Tehran as ‘one of our top national security priorities’.

“The official warned countries including China and India, who are key buyers of Iranian oil, that they should stop purchasing crude from the country before the November deadline or face US sanctions.”

Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally and enemy of Iran, will pump more oil to mitigate price effects of cutting Iran out of the international market. This increases enmity between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The economic isolation of Iran via an economic blockade deprives Iran of essential revenues. In essence, the U.S. policy is an act of war. Trump is seeding war clouds over Iran. He wants Iranians to overturn their government. Failing that, he appears to want Iran to attack American assets or engage in some other act of retaliation, perhaps in Europe or the Persian Gulf, that can be made into a cause of war so that the U.S. and its allies (NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia) can attack Iran in force. At least, that is what he is risking. For example, Pompeo is criticizing Iran for planning to terrorize Iranian opposition persons (National Council of Resistance of Iran) on European soil. He also threatens to keep the Persian Gulf open if Iran disrupts its traffic. This is a war threat.


11:55 am on July 11, 2018